Learn the Guitar in Record Time

So you want to get going on the guitar FAST FAST FAST!

This is where you can do it!

There are just five lessons. Here's what the coure does:

We also give you access to many supplementary videos that describe and demonstrate things like fingering, picking, strumming and much more.

Have fun!

Lesson 1 - Reading and Playing from Tab

Lesson 2 - The G Major, C Major and D Major scales

Lesson 3 - The Nashville Chord System Explained

Lesson 4 - The 8 Basic Chords for Beginners

Lesson 5 - Playing Along with Songs

Lesson 5b - Exercises and Songs in G Major

Lesson 6 - Another Song in G Major

Lesson 7 - Learning How to Strum

Lesson 7b - Strumming Exercises

Lesson 8 - Your First Chords - G and D

Lesson 8b - Exercises for G and D Chords

Lesson 9 - Playing the Basic C Chord

Lesson 9b - Practicing the C Major Chord

Lesson 10 - A minor (Am) and E Major (E)

Lesson 10b - E minor (Em) Chord

Song List - Songs to Develop Your Skills