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Exercises & Songs for Level 2 Guitar

Level 2 is aimed at teaching you more basic chords.

To properly do these exercises and songs you will need some basic note reading ability.

Level 2 Lesson Outlines are here.

The Fretboard...

Strings E and A - Frets 1-5

Strings D and G - Frets 1-5

Strings B and E - Frets 1-5

Bass Runs and Melody Harmonies

C Major Scale

G Major Scale

D Major Scale

A Minor

More Chords Combinations

C-F-G Chords

D-G-A Chords

G-C-D Chords

Am-E-Em Chords

Exercises and Songs for Level 1 Lessons

Basic Techniques

Open String Names

Notes and Chords

C Major Scale with C-F-G Chords
D Major Scale (C at A3)
G Major Scale (D at B3)
E Major Scale (E at D2)
G Major Scale (G at G0)
G Major Scale (G at E3)

Melodies and Songs

Ode to Joy
Amazing Grace
Three Blind Mice
Twinkle, Twinkle
Yankee Doodle
Rivers of Babylon
Happy Birthday
Jingle Bells
Silent Night


C-F Chords
C-G Chords Exercise 1
D-G Chords
D-A Chords
G-C Chords
G-D Chords
A-Shape Chords

Easy Songs - 2 Chords

Ode to Joy
Achy Breaky Heart
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
3 Blind Mice
Yankee Doodle