Music for Picnic, Aug 25, 2018

"Instrumental" Set

Blueberry Hill

Sax lead (Alice), Keyboard (Grace), Drums (Liam), Bass (Rick), Trumpet backup (Jack)


Trumpet lead (Jack), Keyboard (Alice), Bass (Grace), Guitar (Rick), Drums (Liam)

Perfect in D

Keyboard lead (Liam), Piano - Alice, Guitar (Rick), Bass (Grace), Drums (Jack)


Keyboard lead (Alice), Guitar (Rick), Bass (Jack), Drums (Liam)

Jam Set

Achy Breaky Heart in C

Keyboards (Kathy, Grace), Uke (Alice), Bass (Rick), Drums (Liam), Trumpet (Jack), Vocal (Judy, Jack, etc.)

500 Miles

Keyboard (Kathy), Bass (Jack), Guitar (Rick), Drums (Liam), Vocal (Rick)

Kansas City

Keyboard (Kathy), Trumpet (Rick), 2nd Trumpet (Jack), A Sax (Alice), Horn (Grace), Guitar (??), Bass (??), Drums (Liam)

"Singing" Set

Three Little Birds in D

Keyboard (Alice), Piano - Alice, Guitar (Rick), Bass (Grace), Drums (Liam), Vocal

Sign of the Times in F

Keyboard lead (Alice), Piano - Grace, Bass (Rick), Drums (Liam), Vocal

Ahead by a Century in D