PlayAlong Lesson 3

Your First Chord - G Major

In this lesson we're going to start strumming chords to songs.

Review of the G Scale on GBE

Let's review the G scale on the GB and E strings..

Finger Exercises

Playing finger exercises like these helps make you familiar with using all four fingers, builds finger strength, and increases finger speed.

The Simple G Chord

This is the easiest way to play a simple G chord, and get you going right away on play along with songs. This version of the G chord uses only 4 strings. If you want to add the bass strings (A and low G), see this video.

Chording to Row Row Your Boat

NOw that you know the simple G Chord you can play along wih his version of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Just play the same chord through the entire song.

Lesson 4...

In the next lesson we'll work on the D chord.

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