PlayAlong Lesson 6

More Play Along Songs and Chord Combinations

In this lesson we work on a few simple songs in the key of C, D, and G.

The objective is to get more comfortable with changing chords while strumming your guitar.

Theory Note - I, IV and V Chords

To play along with many popular songs you can often get by with just three chords: I, IV, and V. In the key of G these chords are G(I), C(IV) and D(V). In the key of D the chords are D(I), G(IV), and A(V). In the key of C they are C(I), F(IV) and G(V). We haven't yet introduced the F and A chords, so we've chosen songs that don't use those chords.

Achey Breaky Heart - C to G Chords

Here are two versions of the same song. In the video you can follow along as I play. In the notated version you can see the melody notes with chords indicated. Try both versions.

Budapest G-C-D Chords

This version of the song "Budapest" is in the key of G. It mostly uses G and C chords with D thrown in a couple of times.

Free Fallin' G-C-D Chords

This version of the song "Free Fallin'" is in the key of G. Watch the video closely to se how to make the transition from C to D chords.

The Simplified F Chord

The F chord is often considered the most difficult chord for beginners. For our purposes there are at least three different ways to play an F chord. We explain them in this video.

Rivers of Babylon C-F-G Chords

This is an oldie but a goodie. It uses mostly the I and V chords (C and G), with one instance of an F chord in the chorus. You can either try a simplified version of the F chord, or just skip it.

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