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Why Practice Tracks?

PracticeTracks are musical tracks that play in your browser. These are fully notated arrangements of songs and exercises to help you become a competent guitar player.

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Exercises and Songs for Level 1 Guitar Players

Chord Chart
Chord Exercises
A Shape Chord Exercises
D Shape Chord Exercises
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Pentatonic Scales
Easy Songs for Level 1

Trumpet Players

- Exercises and Songs for Level 1 and 2

Familiar Bugle Calls

Guitar player? Great for practicing your chords, leads, and bass parts.

Horn player? We've got tracks for you too...in your key so you don't have to transpose.

Just starting out, or learning a new instrument? We give you a lot of "easy" songs to get you going.

Become a Member

Members have access to our entire library of arrangements and instructional videos. Membership is cheap. Much less than you might pay for (static!) printed music. And definitely less than taking lessons.

For a Limited Time

The Perfect Compliment to Taking Lessons

Getting help from someone with more experience is often the fastest way to learn new things about your instrument.

PracticeTracks.org will give you valuable exposure to playing along with other (virtual) musicians in real time. It's just as if you were playing in a small band with a few friends.

There's really nothing like it!