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Back to 4 Skills Course Outline

Lesson 1: Overview of 4 Skills

Lesson 2: How Frets Work, Fingering Notes

Lesson 3: Picking Simple Melodies and Scales

Lesson 4: Your First Chords

Lesson 5: Strumming Technique - Songs in C and G

Lesson 6: More Chords - Am, E, Em, B7

Lesson 7: Two More Strum Patterns

Lesson 8: How to Use a Capo

Lesson 1: Ready, Set, Go

In this lesson we get a whole bunch of preliminaries out of the way.

- How to hold the guitar
- Proper posture
- How to hold the pick
- Proper picking technique
- How to hold your left hand on the neck of the guitar

Video 1: How to Hold the Guitar

Video 2: How to Hold and Use the Pick

Video 3: How to Finger the Strings


Exercise 1: Simple Picking Exercise - picking individual notes, coordinating your hands.

Exercise 2: Your first song - "Twinkle, Twinkle".