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These exercises are taken from the Complete Fretboard Course.
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Learn the Guitar Fretboard - 10-15 Minutes a Day

Making a concerted effort to Learn The Fretboard is the best way to advance your understanding of the guitar. It is something you can do systematically and gradually over how ever long you want it to take. In fact you should make fretboard exercises part of your daily practice routine.

There is no simple formula. If you already know the notes of the guitar fretboard it is probably because you have spent years playing and studying the instrument.

But there are ways to speed up the process. You need a strategy, and that is what we give you here.

First, some observations...

  1. The fretboard has a lot of notes. Learning them all at once is very difficult for most of us. You need a strategy that simplifies the task.

  2. Some notes will be used over and over again. Learning the most important notes is an easy and effective place to start.

  3. Because of the way the guitar is tuned there are simple-to-learn, repeatable patterns. Learning these patterns will help a lot in understanding the fretboard.

  4. You have to play all over the fretboard in order to really learn the notes and lock in their locations. Use it or lose it!

And now the Fretboard Strategy.

  1. Learn the most important notes. See some suggestions here...

  2. Learn the most important patterns. See some descriptions here...

  3. Find some exercises that target note locations up and down the neck...

  4. Play songs and melodies, scales and arpeggios at different locations up and down the neck...

Practice, Practice, Practice!

These exercises are taken from the Complete Fretboard Course.
More Free Exercises