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Sweet Child of Mine - D
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Sweet Child of Mine was written and recorded by the rock group Guns N' Roses in 1988. It became the most commercially successful song for the group. The song was created when Slash, the guitarist for the group, was doing "string skipping" exercises and other members of the group were inspired to add melody, chords, rhythm and lyrics.

While it became a sucessful recording members of the group had mixed feelings. Slash didn't like it because it started out as just an exercise, and also because much of his solo was cut in the released version. In 1989 Axl Rose said "I hate the radio edit of Sweet Child O' Mine because it was cut from its original length."

In this version the guitar solo makes no attempt to copy the original. It has been made easier and more playable for intermediate level guitar players. A trumpet lead has been added in this version also.

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